Major21 as University startup

Major21 is founded at Wageningen University & Research, located in the food valley of the world. The intention was to create a comprehensive meal, that is tasty , healthy and easy to prepare. While many companies try to have the ultimate healthy food, we found out that these ambitions are hardly met. Healthy food is still a mystery, even for science. In our journey to design the ultimate healthy meal we will focus to the best quality needed to fullfill your body needs! 


We believe that good quality food can be quick ánd physically and emotionally satisfying. Major21’s aim is to serve a lifestyle adjusted drinkable meal that is so delicious and satisfying that everyone drinks our food with a smile.

Highest quality with balanced nutrition!

Major21 aims at the best possible combination of foods to reach the recommend daily intake, so that the science behind food and health supports us in doing what we like: making fast-food healthy ánd delicious!

Naturals best ingredients!

Major21 consists of freeze dried ingredients, this means that up to 98% of the nutrients of the fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains we use for our recipe are conserved. Freeze drying the ingredients gives an advantage: you consume the same nutrient compounds as your home-made dishes (science estimated that a single rich dish, consists of between 5000 and 10000 compounds!)

A smoothie shake mealreplacer

Major21 is functional food. Meant to fill your stomach, properly feed your body and satisfy your brains. You will get Major21 in a pouch incl. 95 gram of powder.  This includes freeze dried powder from 200 grams of fresh fruits and vegatables. Shake the megamix, and enjoy your meal!

Try Major21 today, so you can focus on the things you love!

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